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All Comments and Posts to the SOUL of Wisconsin Blog are moderated to ensure that they follow the following editorial policies:

  1. The SOUL of Wisconsin Blog is created for discussion of topics of general interest to the public including energy planning, energy related news, energy policies and energy developments.
  2. All comments and blog posts shall be accompanied with the name of its author. If a person chooses to use a nickname for privacy or other reasons, the nickname must be consistently used by that person. Using another email address does not change this policy. Comments from groups, multiple persons, organizations or businesses will not be accepted.
  3. Blog comments and posts shall not attack persons. This includes name calling, harsh language and making public personal criticisms one has of other persons. Ideas, concepts and data may be challenged if the statement(s) under question are carefully specified and the character of the author is not attacked.
  4. In general, blog comments and posts are encouraged to cite sources of factual data included. If omitted and central to the observation being made, commenters, post authors and the moderator may request that sources or corrections be provided. If deemed necessary the Blog moderator may contact one or more parties, via email, encourage off-blog communications and determine a period of time period to provide sources or corrections on or off blog.
  5. If a specified response period time to make additions/corrections is exceeded by the commenter or post author, the Blog Moderator retains the right to edit blog posts and comments that do not adhere to the above policies.