Wisconsin Solar & EE Improvements = Grid Use Cut 78%

October 2012 update calculations (annotated electric bill)

(1) Added 8 kW Solar Array to our house (Dec 2011) +
(2) Converted from Electric Hot Water* to Wood/LP Hot Water “0n Demand” (Nov 2012) +
(3) Improved use habits learned from Nov 2011 – Nov 2012

Produced a 78% reduction in the power we use from the grid (October, low sun reference).

The total reduction in grid power use would be about 87% if the energy efficiency measures we took after our new “efficient” house was complete were included. In December (after the LP water heater is in) our utility company Facility Charges will be more than double the amount we will pay for grid electricity. Our Focus on Energy charge will be 4% of these utility Facility Charges.

About 60% of the solar power we generate is used by others on the grid.
Examining other investments besides further enlarging our centralized electric power overhead costs makes more and more sense to me.

*Unwisely justified by the contractor citing use of .065/kwh “dual fuel” incentives.

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